A hill jumping, bunny hopping bike flipping game. I made this game with a friend (Kent Packman) for a client about a year ago, but the project was never released. I have de-branded it and uploaded it as an experiment in exporting to WebGL, a yet unproven process in most Unity projects.

This build was based on the latest version I had access to and as such isn't quite what it was, but it was fun to get it up and running. I jumped two Unity versions during which the physics engine got several major updates and various changes had to be made in converting the game to WebGL, it was an interesting project!

I hope it brings a little fun but it's here to bring a little education. I should have a blog post up on some tricks I learned converting this and my current project, Arclight Cascade, to WebGL.

My friend is still doing work for clients (This project was stripped of it's former glory for sake of WebGL conversion and de-branding, I assure you he has much higher standards than this!), you can find him and his company here.

AuthorTom Elliott
Made withUnity