Your Space Ship Guns provide your Ship's Artillery... and it's thrust!

If the WebGL version doesn't load there's a PC Version at the bottom c:

Switch your rear guns and forward guns for instant tactical (ugh... do people still say 'tactical' in their marketing?) advantages! With multiple Weapons, a fun-gun-centric mechanic and all kinds of artillery combinations!

It's Mario Kart Double Dash meets Gradius.

It's Mario Kart Double Dash meets Gradius.


  • If you have something to say about this game, tell me on Twitter!
  • This game was made as a Jam Entry for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam
  • Made in Unity (2017, it kept crashing. Boo.) using Photoshop, Asset Forge, SFXR and FL StudioThe theme was this super good video

Install instructions

If the WebGL version does not run in your Browser (it's still a bit rough for Unity) you can play a more stable PC version. Just unzip the PC folder anywhere and run  'GunShipGun.exe' c:


GunShipGunPC.zip 17 MB


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I was a little confused about how the gun swapping mechanism worked at first, but boy did you do a good job giving each gun a nice unique feel. Especially liked the feeling of the rail gun and shotgun.

<3 Railgun, thankyou!

I will be honest, this feels really nice. It looks really well done and has a nice feeling to it that makes it fun. I think this will likely get high scores. What I am still finishing up sucks compared to this.

I checked your page to play your game, but couldn't find it! I think it's beyond the Jam Time Limit now but if you upload your game, I'd still love to play it!

Unfortunately I had exporting problems and I was unable to export in the last few minutes of the jam. It wasn't even really complete and is just a bad game. I still can't figure out a good way to export it, so I doubt I will be able to upload it. Thanks anyway!